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Play as Azika to unlock powerful in-game items to improve your character, allowing you to explore our universe and earn our AZIKA token to craft powerful NFT’s that can be traded on our marketplace!

About Azika

4/10 Heroes Recruited


Warrior Azika

Human Warrior

Born in the south of the Sahara, Warrior Azika was infamous for the ability to raise spirits, often called upon as a deity. In modern times he is greatly respected for his bravery and loyalty.


PvE Gameplay

Battle with monsters and complete daily missions. Level up Azika to have a better chance of being successful!

Duel Arenas

Duel other players and use your items and upgrades to beat them. We have a fair matchmaking system to help you find equal opponents.

Boss battles

Play co-op mode with other players to defeat the hardest bosses. Earn more powerful items and be in with the chance to receive rare loot!


All items you earn in our game are tradable on our custom marketplace. All items will be traded with $AZK. Play to earn more items, and more $AZK!

Treasure Hunt

Complete treasure hunts on your own or as a team to find treasure chests. Chests are also randomly dropped from enemies and quests while playing the game as a rare drop chance.


Become a land-owner in our universe. We will have many different locations available to be purchased and earned as NFT’s. Land owners will receive passive income for holding our land in the form of $AZK.

Game Features

0 - 1 MONTH

    Website launch

    Promotions & Collaboration

    Heroes Recruitment

    Presale / Launch


    Heroes NFT Minting / Airdrop

1 - 3 MONTHS

    Whitepaper V2 Release

    Game Thriller

    Game Testnet

    Game Mainnet

    Binance MVB Program

1 - 4 MONTHS


    NFT Estate

    P2E functionality on DApps


Joe A.A

Lead Dev

Loi Nick

Data Analyst

Coder Tee

Web Dev

Eric Adams


Vic Parker




Core Team

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